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March 2015

March is a month that has National days for: peanut butter, pigs, banana cream pie, cold cuts,  taters, absinthe,  Oreos,  cereal, etc.  And there are days to unplug, to be heard, to proofread, goof off, appreciate Manatees, appreciate weeds, appreciate employees, etc.   March 3 is "National I Want You To Be Happy Day."   And this just covers about a third of the month.   Check the National Day Calendar at this web page.
  R H U M B A

The March group classes will be taught by Greg Luff. He will give us a new rumba pattern to tax the gentlemen and delight the ladies.  

As usual, Monday's Taxi Dances with the pros are only $2.00 per dance,  Group classes start at 7:00 and general ballroom dancing will be from 8:00 until 10:00.  Please note that the dance music continues until 10:00 even after the first 30 scheduled dances.  But for many, 7:00 thru 9:30 is 2 1/2 hours, so don't push yourselves to be too tired.
Monday nights at Sara Dance are always White Sands USA Dance nights in first two ballrooms for our White Sands Chapter.    See Sara Dance Center calendar.  If the main ballroom gets too crowded, the same music is playing in the next room.  (It may be more private, also.)
green There will be a special holiday party this month.   Every Monday is a party.   But March 16 will be a special night of good food for the discerning palate.  Wearing of the GREEN (or ORANGE) is optional.   Fees for that night will be $15, 12 and 8 for guests, members, and working staff.   It will be "NATIONAL CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE DAY."   The QuickStep Caterers will prepare a surprise menu.   No reservations are needed, but "First Come First Served" until when and if we reach capacity.   (To reserve a space is optional by calling Jan Kizzia at 626.437.9010 or email to jkgidget@yahoo.com.)


    $10, 8 & 5 for guests, members, workers.

    (See special rate for party on the 16th.)

    Refreshments and snacks included.
Class alone

is worth the fee.

No class on 16th.
"BE HAPPY" MONTH:   (March 3 is National "BE HAPPY" DAY.)
Do you want to be happy?   Okay, who doesn't?   The key to happiness is to show others APPRECIATION.   The National calendar for March lists a number of "appreciation" days.   Let's appreciate each other on and off the dance floor.   Appreciate the beginner!   Welcome the beginner. Monday nights are primarily for social dancing, not for competing.   Be happy that we are together to share the evening.  Leave your worries on the doorstep and pick them up when you leave, if you still want them.   I recently saw a list of things worth having for happy people. In no special order, some are:   contentment, tolerance, acceptance, humility, wisdom, mercy, bearing with situations, including all other virtues.   So BE HAPPY now.   Worry later (if you feel that need).   (Just try this for a week or month to see how it works.)
If you know anyone who wants to be on our mailing list, please forward this message or link to that person. Or they can ask us to add their email address at any Chapter party at Sara Dance. Please advise us of any changes in your email address or USPS mailing address. 
Bill Grolemund,  President,  White Sands Chapter,  Sarasota, FL, USA Dance #6012
See our White Sands web page for a list of other places to dance. Click HERE.

And don't miss the Sara Dance Showcase on Sunday, March 8th, 2-6 pm. See HERE
and below.  General Dancing before, during and after.  Dinner by Stephen.

VOLUNTEERS note:  - Candidates needed for officers and other staff for 2016.  Come share your talents.  More to follow.  Lots of fun.  Some work.  Pass the word.  I'll help.

P.S. Reminder:   Daylight savings time begins Sunday, March 8.  Spring ahead.
cover This year is the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF USA DANCE (USABDA).
50 White Sands is the Sarasota chapter of USA DANCE Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the U.S.  With over 160 local dance chapters throughout the states, USA Dance supports thousands of grassroots programs and opportunities for social and competitive dancers.
See the National Website at www.usadance.org.
See the local website at dancewhitesands.com.

USA DANCE Inc.publishes a , bi-monthly magazine.   Members are requested to bring their old copies of the magazine to the Monday dances to share with non-members.   See member benefits at this link.)
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