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November 2015
N O V E M B E R Pro

 November classes 
will be taught by
  Charles McCaffrey.

Next Month:

will be a
month for
Group class starts at 7:00 and general ballroom dancing will be from 8:00 until 10:00.  As usual, the Monday Taxi Dances with the pros are only $2.00 per dance,  After the 32nd taxi dance, the pros and many dancers go home, but the music continues until 10:00.  This is a good time to practice  - or have more fun.  Ask the DJ for any special requests.
 =  LAST MONTH                         H I S T O R Y                       NEXT MONTH  = 


    $8 members, $10 guests, $5 helpers.

    Class, party and snacks are included.

    Sodas and coffee are also included.

    Hint: Coffee donations appreciated.
Class alone

is worth

the fee.

Unless stated otherwise, all dances are open to the public.  Beginners are welcome.
Monday nights at Sara Dance are always "White Sands" USA Dance nights in first two ballrooms for our "White Sands" Chapter.  See Sara Dance Center calendar.  If the main ballroom gets too crowded, sliding doors are open to allow dancing in the second ball room.  Let us know if the music is too soft or too loud.
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If you know anyone who wants to be on our mailing list, please forward this message or link to that person. Or they can ask us to add their email address at any Chapter party at Sara Dance. Please advise us of any changes in your email address.
Bill Grolemund,  President,  "White Sands" Chapter,  Sarasota, FL, USA Dance #6012

ELECTIONS for board members for 2016-17 will be held on November 16,  which will also be the Annual General Meeting for Sarasota's Whitesands Chapter 6012.  There will be no special meal (note*).  The November rumba class #3 will be at 7:00 as usual and the general meeting will start at about 8:10 p.m.,  to include the election.  Y'all come.

(*Just the usual great snack table by Maria.)

cover This year is the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF USA DANCE (fka USABDA).
50 "White Sands" is the Sarasota chapter of USA DANCE Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the U.S.  With over 160 local dance chapters throughout the states, USA Dance supports thousands of grassroots programs and opportunities for social and competitive dancers.
See the National Website at
See the local website at

USA DANCE Inc.publishes a bi-monthly magazine. Members are requested to bring their old copies of the magazine to the Monday dances to share with non-members.   See other member benefits at this link.) New or Renew HERE.
Next year 2016 will be the 25th Anniversary of the "White Sands" chapter.  Click History.
email: or

The Suncoast (Pinellas) Chapter will see more 50th Anniversary Celebrations continue in Nov and Dec.

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All current member of White Sands Chapter are elibible to vote for officers of the 2016 board on Nov. 16. 
Click on this image to download a JPG photo of the nominating committee's summary of the nominations. 

After the election process, the new board members will meet to assign positions to the various members.

REMINDER:  LINE OF DANCE: Please be kind to other dancers and observe Dance Floor Etiquette.