USA Dance Sarasota       
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    September 2014  
(Gentlemen's month)
Every Monday in September. (All five
of them)
YES, there will be a White Sands Chapter Dance on LABOR DAY, Monday, September 1 at  Sara Dance Center
LABOR DAY surprise food spread by Marie Vega.   Don't miss it!
T A N G O*

Group lessons for this month will be taught by Stephen Sieg.  Greg Luff will also be a taxi host, but will take a break when baby arrives.  

    *American style (mostly)

Greg and Suzanne are expecting their Blessed Event in late September or early October.  Congratulations!
Next Month (October) will feature Country Two Step by Richard Glickman.

OCT 29

OCT 1st
St Pete (Gulfport) night out was a lot of fun.
Sarasota Dancers
Six of White Sands' competitive USA Dance couples performed on Monday, August 25th at the Treasure Coast Chapter in St. Pete.   Their Chapter USA Dance is held on the last Monday (usually) of every month at the Gulfport Casino.   The general dancing starts at 7:00, then a half hour lesson at 7:15pm followed by dancing from 8-10pm and usually a 10-15 minute show in mid-evening.   The Sarasota Chapter had a nice turnout for the cheering section. We hope that those who went enjoyed the opportunity to visit their Chapter dance and support our competing DanceSport couples.
At left
are six
of our
competing couples.

The A/C is still keeping ahead of the heat very well.   So come in and cool off.   Monday nights are USA Dance nights for our White Sands Chapter.   Ballroom music with Danny on Wednesdays 8 - 10 for $10 entry and $2 taxi.  And don't forget Thursdays and Saturdays with Stephen and Greg.   See Sara Dance Center calendar.
Monday's Taxi Dances will be with Stephen and Greg for only $2.00 per dance.   Starting at 6:30 to sign-up.   Group lesson starts at 7:00 and general ballroom dancing will be from 8:00 until 10:00 (same as always).


    Admission still only $8 for members and $10 for guests.

    Refreshments and snacks still at no extra charge.

New rate for students: Show Student ID and get in for $5.


SEPTEMBER SPECIAL rates for Men only.
One month only:   Appreciation Month for the gentlemen.   Discounted entry fee of $5.00.
(Pre-approved hosts get free pass.)
Please check out our restarted Website,   also the Sara Dance Facebook page.  (You don't need a Facebook account to just view it.)

FACEBOOK:   Are you on Facebook? Sara Dance has a new page there. Please help us promote Sara Dance Center and LIKE their page at We will entertain you a little and remind you of activities. Primarily though it is about raising awareness of the Center, USA Dance, and the various activities offered. So we will very much appreciate if you would invite your friends to like it too! (So their friends will see it.)
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Happy Dancing,

Bill Grolemund   (941-720-6875) -  President,  White Sands Chapter,  Sarasota,  USA Dance #6012
USA DANCE Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the United States.   With 160 local dance chapters throughout the states, USA Dance supports thousands of grassroots programs and opportunities for both recreational and competitive dancers.   USA Dance is a multi-sports member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee and is also one of 92 countries within the World DanceSport Federation, sending USA DanceSport athletes to compete at WDSF world games and championships and supporting the global movement to bring DanceSport to the Olympic Games, as well as amateur competitions across the USA.   See the National Website at  
See the local White Sands Website at

USA DANCE Inc.publishes a monthly magazine.  Cover story for August is "SOCIAL DANCING" and can be viewed online.  (As I write this, the September issue is not yet posted.)   Members are requested to bring their old copies of the magazine to the Monday dances to share with new members and/or guests who may be interested.  (If you recently changed your mailing address and are not getting your copy, please log on to the National Website and correct your profile.   If you are having trouble doing that, send me an email.)

NATIONAL BALLROOM WEEK   is September 19 - 28 this year.  It's not too late for ideas.   How about this?   Among other things, how about a group trip on Wednesday, October 1, to the Coliseum in St. Pete for another spectacular Ballroom Dance Show put on by members of USA Dance.   Click HERE for event details and HERE for directions. (Daytime event at tea dance 12:30 - 3:30, show around 2:00.)   We need a volunteer to coordinate the car pools to save some gas and have a fun trip.
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